Chinese Curriculum 

Domestic courses will be taught by professional teachers in Chinese in accordance with domestic primary school curriculum standards, e.g. Chinese, Mathematics, English, Moral Education, physical education, arts, etc. , laying a solid foundation for students entering junior middle school and inheriting and passing on outstanding Chinese culture.
Global Education (Canadian Curriculum)
Global Education focuses on local standard primary school curriculum of Alberta in Commonwealth country Canada, combined with international multicultural elements and implemented by professional foreign teachers in English only; the courses include English Language Arts, Reading, Social Sciences, Physical Education, etc. Meanwhile the school will combine with cultures of different countries to carry out a variety of cultural activities, integrate essences of Chinese and western culture and make students study under a double-curriculum system and become international citizens who know how to respect and appreciate different cultures. 

Balanced Education

CLS will focus on intellectual development of students; carry out individualized education method that aims at student characteristics; attach importance to the growth of students on intelligence, arts, social competence, thought, morality, physical ability; launch arts education activities for students and make music, arts, art and other courses jointly taught by Chinese and foreign teachers. 
Character Formation
Enrollment Targets
CLS provides high-quality full-time bilingual primary education for Children (6 to 12 years old) of Chinese and foreigners (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)