Class Sizes

All classes are limited to a maximum of 30 students.  This low student to teacher ratio allows for the teacher to plan interactive, hands-on lessons to maximize student learning and engagement.





Summer and Spring Festival Camps

The goal of our Summer and Spring Festival Camps is to bring students valuable and fun filled learning experiences. Our introductory program has a wide range of educational activities for students to choose from. English is used for all courses with the exception of the Mandarin programs. Children with limited English proficiency should enroll in one period of English as a Second Language or the other language based courses.






The language of instruction in international classes is English.  The international teacher will teach all subjects, except for Mandarin, in English and students are expected to speak English to accelerae their language acquisition.  Students will be taught Mandarin each day by the local teacher.





Supporting Services

Extra English or Chinese language support can be provided to small groups of students after school hours. Parents wishing additional language support for their child will be required to pay for the additional tutoring and should contact the school office to make arrangements.