To the teachers: To focus on teaching and to concentrate on educating.

Every child is a gift. Since students have different personalities, we would nurture them with love, pas- sion, wisdom and Competence. As a teacher, we should provide a high quality education to students and en- rich their knowledge in various fields. So, they might prepare themselves better to step into the real socity. 




To students: Enjoying your life and growing in confidence.pm2

I hope students can learn how to well behave themselves in the public, how to response others in general and how to keep good attitude on studying at school. If a student can make a small progressing every day, he/she will turn out be remarkable person in the future. I wish you all grow up hap- pily with confidence! 




To parents: Make good samples for your child since you are the first two people to nurture him/her. 

pm3Family is the first school for children; love from the families is the most wonderful thing for a child. Since parents are the first two people to nur- ture a child, I hope you won’t judge your child by doing comparing. He/She need you to care about his/her daily develop- ment and to pay attention on his/her per- sonality changes. He/She might face problems on people skill and life skill, please be a good listener and spend time with your child everyday. If a child gets attention from teachers and parents, he/she can learn how to behave well on certain condition. With encouragement from both sides, he/she will build confidence for facing all of the problems.