Book fair for CLS and CIS

re is no doubt that reading is very important, especially for children to cultivate a reading habit, it will be helpful for everyone in their lives, young and old.The Famous writer Leo Tolstoy once said, "Books are the key to the ideal of wisdom."A good book can purify our hearts and we can get muchknowledge.


On November 10th,Canadain Foreign Language School (CLS-C),Canadian International School (CIS) and a world-renowned publisher organized a book fair thatprovidesmore than ten thousand English books from forty different kinds ofpublisher. The best books in the world for childrenof ages 2 to 12 years old. Our goal is to let children read a good book and enjoy reading.


We want to educate all students that reading is an important part to play in learning. Also reading English books will help in learning the English Language. Many students, at this moment in time do not read English books at home let alone in the library. We held the book fair in an aim to help more children who need help with reading,15% of the proceeds will go to Jiayou Education Foundation. To support the education of under privileged children. I think the students will treasure the books they buy knowing the proceeds will help less fortunate students than themselves.



This is the first book fair for CLS and CIS which not only lets the children understand the importance of reading, but also provides a chance for the students to enjoy reading different kinds of books. The students will grow up happy and confident in reading.