On Saturday March 21, 2015, 8 contestants of our Canadian Foreign Language School entered the Guangdong division international tournament finals of CCTV Star of Outlook English Talent Competition. Before this contest, junior group teacher Jessica and senior group teacher Sarah gave a careful guidance of the contestants. In the talent-show, each contestant showed their talents in different ways. They faced the impromptu topic with poise and preparation! They did a very good job and made a big impression on the judges. Through the English talent show, super speech, 

gesture guess, urban culture Q&A procedures, total of 7 minutes to valuate the

contestant’s accurate comprehensive quality about the English pronunciation and fluency, intonation, logical and rational, refute ability and stage performance and other aspects. There are 5 CLS contestants won the first prize : Cindy, Jack, Alina, Jenny and Frank. Two of them won the second prize: Willson and Rockey.

The outstanding contestants Frank, Cindy, Jack were invited as the representatives of Guangdong area to participate in International English Contest National Finals that will held in Chengdu and take part in the 15 days cultural exchanges, visit famous schools, English training, international finals. So many a series of activities of CCTV "star of Outlook English talent competition "international competition carried out in American and British.

Behind these big success, can’t dispense with our students hard work, our teachers careful guidance and our parents supports. I believe that they will do a better job in the next competition.