Share the joy of growth

The famous musician Mr. Luo once said: in this world, there's nothing better than to see a man make progress.

I feel the same way about this; especially as a child's mother, I have a deeper experience: progress means growth; for parents, all of the happiness can't compare with our children’s healthy growth.

Since September 2014, my son Kevin has been at the Canadian Foreign Language School. During these months, we were nervous, anxious, but were able to see the happiness in my son.At this moment, I think about the passed days, we deeply felt Kevin has made great progress in recent months, not only meeting his learning goals, more importantly is that Kevin likes his teacher, he likes school, he has some best friends here and has a good interest in learning English; We are surprised to find that, Kevin has successfully passed this important stage of life,

and he is growing healthy!

Behind these success it can’t be without our teachers’ hard work.

I think I’m a "trouble-making" parent. I care about my son’s feelings very much, I also care about his studing and keep a close eye on this, so the communication between teachers and me is very frequent; but I am moved by every patient communication and follow up every detail, this is a  truly home-school interaction. That makes children quickly adapt to their primary school life.

We also feel that our school work makes it very hard to create a relaxed, 

encouraged learning atmosphere, and try to use various methods to improve the children's interest in learning, developing their good habits. 

All kinds of team competitions, subjects competitions. They often are encouraged and they have a sense of achievement. I remembered the time when Kevin got a "writing star" award, he showed me his diploma, I could see a very happy smile on his face with a great satisfaction, and he said: “I want to make my writing the best!”

Just every encouragement and affirmation makes Kevin gradually build up his self-confidence; and even more, he already has the self-awareness: "I am an excellent student". We believe that if he thinks himself as an excellent student, then in the future he will become an excellent student!

At this moment, I share my happiness with our parents and teachers. We believe that: our Children's progress is the greatest gift for our teachers.

Let’s share the responsibility, share the joy, work hand in hand for our children!