winter camp


  The CLS “guide for health and athletic qualities”winter camp 2015 has come to an end on Feb. 7th. More than 70 CLSand non-CLS students were participated in multiple actions with the guidance ofboth Chinese and foreign teachers. They started the mornings with the interactionsto our foreign teachers as groups, which promoted their English speaking ability,teamwork spirit, and the strength of their bodies. After the middle of the day,the students would take special courses of science, music, bakery, handicraft,computer, chess and etc. Their ability of DIY was enhanced, and they really hadfun in these courses while learning and solving difficulties. This is what winter2 CLSis about; this is the idea of our education. The camp was closed with a well organizedbuffet; and the smile on the faces of our children will be remembered for along time. We wish all the children from this camp take good care of what theyhave learnt in these 7 days and use it to make their lives much better.